Electrical Control

Electrical Control
Class:     Mental      Link:        Int
Range:     Normal      Type:        Auto/Dice
Base Cost: 15          Factor Cost: 8        

Description: This Power allows a Character to control the flow of electricity. Electrical Control does not grant a Character the ability to generate energy (as Lightning does) but only the ability to manipulate existing electricity. Electrical Control may be used each phase toward a variety of effects, Using more than one effect in a phase requires a distribution of AP's.

The Character may increase or decrease the intensity of a source of electricity (including thunderclouds.) Electrical intensities are measured in terms of the AV/EV. Household current has an AV/EV of 4, Industrial Current has an AV/EV of 8 while the output of a power plant might have an AV/EV as high as 12. The Character makes an Action Check using the AP's of Electricity Control as the AV/EV against a OV/RV equal to the source's AV/EV. Add of subtract (as desired) the RAP's earned to/from the AV and EV of the source. This can be used to discharge or recharge batteries, as well as overheat, shut down or even explode (GM's discretion) electrical devices.

The Character may attempt to disable to damage electrical systems, including the power and control systems of devices and the nervous systems of creatures, This is treated as a Physical Attack with AV/EV's equal to the AP's of Electricity Control and OV/RV equal to the target's Body/Body. OV is not Dex (unless the Range is reduced to Touch) because the electricity is already existent in the target.

A Character with Electrical Control may cause existing electricity to intensify up to the Power's AP's to arc between points. This is normally treated as a Physical Attack on the target, which gains a +2 Column Shift defensive bonus to the RV, since the path being taken is not normally conductive.

Electrical Control may be used to deflect attacks based on electrical, magnetic or metallic objects (this included charged particle beams.) in this case, the AP's of Power are added to the Character's OV against these attacks.

This Power may be used as the AV/EV of any attempt to jam Radio Communication by causing massive feedback. The OV/RV of the attempt is the AP's of Radio Communications. If RAP's achieved are greater than 1/2 the AP's of Radio Communications (round up,) the signal is effectively jammed and no information can be sent through.

Source: Blood of Heroes Special Edition, page 70

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