Mental Freeze

Mental Freeze
Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Normal      Type:        Dice
Base Cost: 20          Factor Cost: 3     

Description: This Power allows a Character to mentally restrict an opponent. AV/EV's for such an attack equal to the Character's AP's of Mental Freeze while OV/RV's equal to the opponent's Int/Mind. Positive RAP's indicate success, with the opponent held fast and unable to move (Dex=0.)

A Mentally Frozen opponent may attempt to free themselves through an Action Check with AV/EV's equal to the opponent's Int/Will against OV/RV's equal to the RAP's of the successful Mental Freeze attack.  If cumulative RAP's from this Action Check equal or exceed RAP's from the from the Mental Freeze attack, the opponent is released.

Maxima has this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 58

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