Riot Black

Riot Black
Dex:   5   Str:   6   Body:    4
Int:   4   Will:  4   Mind:    4
Infl:  5   Aura:  4   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 14  Hero Points:  25

Artist (Musician): 4
Scientist (Analysis): 3
Vehicles (Land): 3

Advantages:  Connection: Street (Low); Expansive headquarters (his club); Scholar (Online promotion, cybernetics)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to bullying; Strange Appearance; Uncertainty

Alter Ego: Unknown

Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: DJ, Online Edgelord/Blackmailer
Wealth: 5


CYBERNETIC IMPLANTS [Body: 1, Recall: 8, Security Systems: 4, Telepathy: 4] Bonus: Recall allows images and other data to be transferred to other devices (computers, etc...); Limitation: Telepathy only works on wireless electronic devices (laptops, cell phones, etc...); Note: His Left eye is a cybernetic digital camera, that can store images in his neural implant, which is essentially a wireless computer inside his head.

Source: adapted from

foe of: Batgirl

Ed's Notes: I really need to check out the "Burnside" era of Batgirl. I like it when comics take a breaks from the "Nearly omnipotent gods saving the multiverse" storylines and get back down to more personal, and at times socially topical, stakes. In Fugue, for example, the writers can delve into the role that gaslighting plays in an abusive relationship. In Riot Black, you have a villain that represents the worst kind of internet troll and online bully imaginable; someone who is a pointlessly cruel, thoroughly irredeemable, narcissistic edgelord with a following of despicable subculture that can't get enough of his content. He's a DJ with #MadSkillz (and presumably enough showmanship and charisma to legitimately entertain a crowd) who pays thugs and low-lifes for compromising information on people who he then blackmails. When they don't pay-up, the pics and/or videos (or whatever else) get posted on his website, the Black Book, to be consumed by his followers. This can be anything from naked pictures, to photos of extremely sick people, to embarrassing secrets. Early on a lot of this came from from stolen cellphones and laptops, sometimes from meeting people on Tinder-like apps, going on a single date, and then just making off with their tech at the first opportunity; Or just from swiping laptops from people in cafes. He's also physically tough and imposing, so he's very much a bully IRL as well, who can handle himself against most non-hero level opposition. (It is suspected, though not confirmed, that his Strength may be low-level super-human or even cybernetically enhanced.) Between that and his online presents, it's not surprising that very few even try to stand up to him. Much like Fugue, he's not out to take over the world - just to rule his little corner off it like an absolute dickhead. But with his MO, he could make for a unique and potentially very personal caper for low-level heroes.

I changed up the Writeups entry a bit. I made his "Powers" inherent to his implants, and adapted them to fit within 3rd Edition DCH rules. I also gave his them the "Telepathy" Power to represent his later incarnation, after he went "wireless." This means he doesn't have to steal laptops or cell phone anymore, he can just connect with any that lack sufficient protection. Strange Appearance was a little bit of a stretch. They gave him "Creepy Appearance," which doesn't exits in DCH 3rd Ed. And while the robotic eye and tattoo-covered body don't necessarily make him monstrous looking, that, combined with his abhorrent personality, could reasonably have the same effect, in-game, of penalizing Persuasion attempts, while giving a bonus to Intimidation Attempts. 

First Appearance: Batgirl #35 (December, 2004)

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