Broadcast Empath

Broadcast Empath
Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Normal      Type:        Dice
Base Cost: 20          Factor Cost: 5     

Description: This Power allows a Character to make another Character feel any emotion the user wishes. For example, the user could make an oppoent run in total fear, feel too sad to do anything or feel blissful and calm.

The use of Broadcast Empath is treated as a normal Mental Attack with AV/EV';s equal; to the user's AP's pf Power; however, a successfully attacked victim takes no Mental damage. Instead, if the RAP's earned by the attack roll are greater than or equal to the opponent's Mind, the opponent succumbs to whatever emotion the user broadcasts. This emotional state will last for RAP's of time (or the Power user may choose to release the opponent at any time beforehand.)

A Character affected by Broadcast Empath can break free of the effect by making a successful Action Check with Int/Will as AV/EV and the RAP's of the Broadcast Empath attack as the OV/RV. 

The Psycho-Pirate has this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 52

Ed's Notes: Couple of things... First of all, unlike with Phobia, you use your Int/Will ro break free,  instead of your Int/MIND. Secondly, similar to Phobia, it's against the RAP's earned, rather than the AP's of Power (which is typically larger) and (third) you only need 1 RAP to break free instead of RAP's exceeding the RAP's earned in the original attack or the AP's of Power (as with Control.) So, by design, this is an inherently weaker Power than others that require that threshold to break free.

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