Dial "H" for Hero III

Dial "H" for Hero III
Dex:   4   Str:   5   Body:    6
Int:   2   Will:  3   Mind:    2
Infl:  3   Aura:  3   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 9   Hero Points:  50

Omni-Power: 20

Limitation: Must activate the H-Dial 24 times before she can use Omni-Power iwthout it's aid.

Advantages: Connections: Children of the Sun (High); Iron Nerves

Drawbacks:  Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to killing Chris King; Serious Psychological Instability; Serious Rage; Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Victoria "Vicki" Grant
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Wealth: 2

H-Dial [Body 15, Omni-Power: 20] Powers are totally random (based on the Hero he becomes) so no Hero Point Fee is required. Changes every hour. Deactivated when he dial's "O-R-E-H."

Sample Heroes:

Alchemiss [Air Control: 5, Earth Control: 5, Flame Control: 5, Water Control: 5]

Aniwoman [Animate Objects: 12]

Brimstone [Flame Project: 8]

Color Commando [Energy Blast 10]

Composite Man [Split: 20]

Enlarger Man [Growth: 10] Bonus: Range, usable on others

Hasty Pudding [Running: 11]

Rubberneck [Stretching: 5]

Scylla [Extra Limb (x6): 6, Energy Blast: 8]

Mr. Thin [Stretching: 7, Two-Dimensional: 4]

Thumbelina [Shrinking: 12]

The Weaver [Force Manipulation: 10]

Zeep the Bouncing Sponge [Jumping: 3]

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition
foe of: Dial "H" for Hero II
also see: Dial "H" for Hero IYear one

Ed's Notes: So... Chris King, the 2nd Dial "H" gave her the Dial, but then broke up her. So she joined a cult, and now wants nothing more than to kill him? Hell hath no fury I guess.  One thing... Just as with the other two, her Omni-Power, and the H-Dial's should have the same bonus as Crazy Jane's:

Bonus: Omni-Power can be used to boost Attributes.

Also, the "doesn't pay hero point cost" Bonus should apply to her Power, as it does to the H-Dial, since the Powers are still random.

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