Mordru, 20th Century

Mordru 20th Century
Dex:   6   Str:   4   Body:    4
Int:  10   Will: 13   Mind:    9
Infl:  8   Aura: 13   Spirit: 13
Initiative: 24  Hero Points:  70

Awareness: 13
Magic Sense: 10
Sorcery: 30

Occultist: 13

Advantages: Leadership

Alter Ego: Wynne of Gemworld
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Sorcerer
Wealth: 20

Source: Whos' Who, 3rd Edition
also see: 30th Century, 2nd Edition
foe of: Amethyst

Ed's Notes: This is a scaled down version of Mordru that existed in the 20th Century. The 30th Century version tangled with the Legion of Superheroes, who I'm not doing entries for at this time.

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