Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Dex:   2   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   3   Will:  3   Mind:    3
Infl:  3   Aura:  3   Spirit:  3
Initiative:  8  Hero Points:   5

Medicine: 2

Advantages: Connections: Batman (High), Gotham City Department of Welfare (High); Rich Friend (Bruce Wayne)

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Social Worker
Wealth: 4

Source: Batman Sourcebook, pages 27

Ed's Notes: Dr. Thompkins encountered a young Bruce Wayne in Crime Alley shortly after his parents were killed. She acted as his legal advocate and guardian for a time and (along with Alfred) was a surrogate parent for Bruce for many years. She currently treats  the poor and homeless of Gotham from her practice in Crime Alley.


  1. Medicine: 2

    Isn't' that too low APs of skill for her?

  2. In the Batman Sourcebook, Alfred has 2 APs of Medicine...and so did Doctor Thompkins. In Who's Who Third Ed., Alfred's medicine skill is 4 APs. Should Leslie's medicine skill be 4 APs or higher?