Godiva (Villain)

Dex:   7    Str:   4  Body:    4
Int:   6    Will:  5  Mind:    4
Infl:  6    Aura:  4  Spirit:  5
Initiative: 21  Hero Points:  45

Control: 12

Charisma: 6
Gadgetry: 4
Martial Artist: 6
Military Science: 5
Thief: 6
Weaponry: 6

Advantages: Attractive; Connections: Espionage Community (High), Mercenaries (High); Leadership

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to physical fitness; Minor Psychological Instability: Godiva is quite vain.

Alter Ego: Unknown
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Mercenary
Wealth: 11

Source: 2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 82; New Titans Sourcebook, page 126
Foe of: Titans

Ed's Notes: This one's a puzzle... On the one hand, a Wealth of 11 suggest she's somewhat GOOD at what she does... But... It just seems like as soon as she encounters an mid-level opposition of better, she's just going to get pounded. Sure, the Control of 12 is good, but it's not Gorilla Grood good. (Ok, it is precisely Gorilla Grodd good. Lol.) But he's got 7 other Powers and double figures in six different Attributes! (A 16 Str!) And that's pretty much all she's got! And her Skill are... well, mediocre, beyond the mook-level.  You think Nightwing's not going to spot her hiding (or hear her coming) with her Military Science and Thief of 6?! I mean... Compare her to Deathstroke, and I'm not even sure he's interested in training her, let alone working with her. Then throw in the high opinion she has of herself, her high-maintenance personality and all the damn DRAMA?  It would be pretty hard to play this character as anyone other that a JOKE, or an Act-1 Takedown for a Batman Cold Open scene. Against a TEAM of even low-level heroes, she'll do little more than slow them down a little. Aw... Maybe I'm being too rough on her.  I'll have to try her out sometime, see if I'm right. (She HAS challenged the Titans legit in the comics, so maybe the game's under-estimating her?)

Also... This character is in no way related to Dorcas Leigh, "Godiva" of the Global Guardians team.

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