Dex:   6    Str:  10  Body:    9
Int:   7    Will:  7  Mind:    6
Infl:  6    Aura:  6  Spirit:  6
Initiative: 19  Hero Points:  75

Charisma: 8
Gadgetry: 6
Scientist: 6

Advantages: Connections: Secret Society of Super Villains (Low), Scientific Community (Low), Underworld (High); Genius; Iron Nerves; Leadership; Scholar (metallurgy)

Alter Ego: Keith Kenyon

Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Metallurgist
Wealth: 13



Helmet [Body: 4, Transmutation: 12, R#: 3] Bonus: Can be used against living being: Make Action check against Dex/Body and if RAP's exceed the target's Body, the target is transformed into solid gold for an amount of time equal to the RAP's earned.

Spray Gun [Body: 3, Glue: 10, R#: 3] Limitation: Glue Power actually covers the target with a thin layer of gold, and if the victim cannot free themselves in an amount of time equal to their AP's of Body, they will suffocate.

2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 82
Foe of: Green Lantern

Ed's Notes: So... There is a contradiction here.  On the one hand... Here's guy who hears that his arch-enemies powers don't work against the color yellow, and what does he do? GOLDEN ARMOR, HEAD-TO-TOE. Gun that shoots GOLD. Helmet that turn everything GOLD! YEAH! Now THIS is one smart villain! I mean... Sure, not much help against Superman or Wonder Woman, but why isn't EVERY Green Lantern villain dressed like this guy, just as a matter of course? Except... 

Helmet that turn everything gold...

So, I have the same question here as I had with Dr. Alchemy: If you can MAKE FREAKING GOLD, WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING ELSE, CRIME WISE?!

Putting that aside... Does he really have super strength and durability? As much as I've always dug this guy, I don't know as much about him as some others. Seems like these MIGHT be more accurate as italicized stats on the Armor. And maybe a natural Str/Body of 4/5? IDK. There are a lot of guys with Str/Body's of 10/9's and that's pretty much all they have. I mean, kudos if he realized that this wasn't enough to take on Green Lantern, but... just seems more realistic if it came from the Armor.

Finally, with the Gun... Since he doesn't have the Weaponry Skill, does the Glue act as AV and EV? (I think so?) Does it take a +2 CS penalty to the OV/RV? Does he used his Dex as the AV, and take the penalty?  Because 10/10 would cover Hal Jordan (Dex/Str of 8/4) in 6 AP's of gold, even without shifts, needing just a 9 to do it. And without his Ring, that will keep GL busy for a while.  But with the penalty... Now he needs a 13 to hit, (assuming he's still using the Skill and not his Dex) and scores just 3 AP's (which doesn't even fully freeze him in place) without rolling a 15 or higher (to get shifts.) I mean... I don't THINK so? (Because that makes him nearly useless?) But maybe a... 

Skill: Weaponry (Exotic): 10 called for here, to clarify it. (Or I'm just WAY over-thinking it. lol)


  1. Id just always assume a character with a unique weapon has studied and worked out the most effective uses of said weapon and do not have the penalty so he can use the gold gun but if he lost it and found another persons similar design hed be pretty useless with it. If anyone else wasted the ability to create gold trying to be a super villain.

    1. And, really in terms of gameplay, that's pretty much how I'd call it as well. HOWEVER... what you are describing is the
      Weaponry (Exotic) sub-skill, as possessed by guys like Captains Cold and Boomerang. So really, anyone with their own unique weapon should have that. (And, yeah, it would be implied that it applies only to their own, "exotic" weapon.)