Guardians of the Universe

Guardians of the Universe
Dex:   4   Str:   2   Body:   15
Int:  17   Will: 30   Mind:   20
Infl: 12   Aura: 14   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 33  Hero Points: 150

Flight: 40
Force Manipulation: 30
Invulnerability: 25
Regeneration: 10
Sealed Systems: 20
Spirit Travel: 45
Systematic Antidote: 20
Telepathy: 50

Gadgetry: 18
Scientist: 20

Limitations: Miscellaneous: Force manipulation is reduced by 1 AP for every week a Guardian is away from Oa.

Advantages:  Genius; Scholar (the universe, metaphysics)

Drawbacks: Guilt (the Guardians still believe that they are responsible for releasing evil into the universe)

Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Mentors/Guides
Wealth: 30

CENTRAL BATTERY [Body: 65, Energy Absorption: 65]

Source: Who's Who 3rd Edition; 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 6

also see: Appa Ali Apsa, Ganthet

Ed's Notes: No, not the Guardians of the Galaxy... The little blue Yoda's of the DC Universe.  Definitely want to flesh out a specific one, if your campaign has a Green Lantern in it.  The one 1st Edition Book that I really look forward to adapting a LOT of materiel from is the Green Lantern Sourcebook.  There are about a dozen or so Lantern's in there that never made it into the 2nd Edition - a couple of whom (Medphyll and Arkkis Chummuck) even made it into the DC Legends mobile game, of which I am a HUGE FAN.  It's one one the truly original aspects of the DCU, and for the record, I'm NOT a fan of the whole emotional spectrum thing their doing now, though... the character of Attrocitus is growing on me.


  1. Really glad to hear you plan on adapting a lot from the GLC sourcebook. I can't find mine and I need typical Zamaron stats! lol

    1. All of the Green Lanterns are now adapted. There's a lot more in there that I will get back to at a later date.

  2. I hate.... hate the emotional spectrum

    1. I don't hate it COMPLETELY as a CONCEPT. I DO hate what they've done with it to such a degree as to make the distinction immaterial though. It's an intriguing IDEA, but... Yeah, it just destroys 50 years of Green Lantern cannon, and renders the GLC and the GoU almost irrelevant.

    2. My problem with it is that the 50 years of Green Lantern Comics that I remember reading goes out of its way to call the power rings a super science and then you add in the emotional spectrum and now it's all mysticism and Magic which goes against the Guardians gathered up all the magic and put it into the star heart and cast it out part of their history

  3. I did a mental gestalt thing with the Guardians. Every time the number of them present (within sight of each other) doubles, or upwards of, their individual Int increases 1 AP. So two together each has Int 18, three to four, Int 19, and so on. It helps explain things like the picture above...

  4. Shouldn't these guys have omni-power 15?