Dex: 6/7   Str:   7   Body:    7
Int:   5   Will:  7   Mind:    9
Infl:  3   Aura:  4   Spirit:  4
Initiative:16/17 Hero Points: 35

Water Freedom: 7
Telepathy: 8

Martial Artist: 8

Telepathy only works on Atlanteans

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Atlantis); Connections: Aquaman (High), Aqualad (High),  New Titans (High)

Drawbacks: Fatal Vulnerability to a lack of contact with water after one hour.

Alter Ego: Tula

Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: None

Wealth: 0

Source: New Titans Sourcebook, pages 84-85

Ed's Notes: Basically a slightly nerfed, female version of Aqualad. (Himself a nerfed version of Aquaman. Lol)  I feel like she should have the Swimming Power, at 6 or 7, just at or below Aqualad's level.  I'm a huge fan of Aquaman, personally, and I could see her being a REALLY interesting character for someone to run long-term and develop through Hero Points.  A TON of potential here.

(please don't hate me for what i am about to write)

Now... I've got to get a bit shallow here, wallow in a bit of being a dumb man, and this time I am not making fun of the HERO themselves. No. I LIKE this character! But I have to say that the way she is drawn NOW is a HUGE improvement over some past renderings.  The costume, yes, but really the girl herself.  Considering how the average comic book artist tends to draw even average people more unrealistically than even Hollywood CASTS them... Is it just me, or does she look... downright homely here? 

And I'm not trying be shallow. I truly believe that all women are beautiful, but compared to how super-heroine's tend to be drawn?  SHE A BUTTER-FACE! (But... Why?!)  And then there's this version:

Again... Not trying to body shame here. Legit. Super-heroines are arguably the worst offenders when it comes to projecting unrealistic body images, whether in Comic Books or in Hollywood. But... It IS still a super hero comic and... DAMN! She THICK! Just sayin'.

Sometimes that makes sense. I mean... If Big Barda was represented any other way than being built like a Brick Shithouse? Then, yeah, I'd be calling bullshit.  And I do legit applaud characters like Valiant's Zephyr/Faith, because, YES, there should be plus-sized super-heroes. (I would LOVE to adapt her to DCH!) But unless that's part of the character's specific appeal? It's just a bit visually jarring, especially in older comics, when it appeared that Etta Candy was the only Big Girl in the entire DC Universe! Lol. (At least until Amanda Waller came along.)

I just had to say my piece on that because I found MANY different representations of the character when I was looking for pics (putting aside that at least three different people have carried this mantle) and when I came across those last two (which ironically I found first) I couldn't help but think, "Well shit, no one's gonna want to play the ugly one or the fat one!" AND THAT MAKES ME A TERRIBLE PERSON! (I'm sorry.) :(

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