Dex:   4   Str:   8   Body:    8
Int:   2   Will:  3   Mind:    4
Infl:  4   Aura:  2   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 10  Hero Points:  40

Acid: 12
Flame Project: 12

Military Science: 4

Limitation: Acid and Flame Project spew from his mouth only.

Advantages:  Connections: Underworld (Low)

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Psychological Instability

Alter Ego: Unknown

Motivation: Nihilst
Occupation: Mercenary
Wealth: 5

Source: Superman: Man of Steel Sourcebook, page 71

foe of: Superman
affiliation(s): Cerberus

Ed's Notes: Because of the Bob's Burgers show it was more difficult than I'd expected  to find a picture of this guy.  Also, while he will never be a  credible threat that would last longer than a hot second toe-to-toe with Superman, kudos to Cerberus for having actual, super-powered henchmen and not just random mooks.

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