Gray Man

Gray Man
Dex:   3   Str:   3   Body:    7
Int:  12   Will: 10   Mind:    7
Infl: 12   Aura: 16   Spirit: 15
Initiative: 27  Hero Points: 110

Magic Blast: 15
Sorcery: 25
Split: 30

Occultist: 8

Bonuses: None of the Splits lose any Attribute AP's, but the only Power that carries over is Magic Blast.

Limitations: Magic Blast has a Range of Touch.

Advantages: Connection: Lords of Chaos (Low); Scholar (dreams, dreaming)

Alter Ego: Unknown
Motivation: Psycopath
Occupation: Mana Collector
Wealth: 0

Source: Justice League Sourcebook, page 95; Magic Sourcebook, page 103
foe of: Justice League, Power Girl

Ed's Notes: In case your wondering, if 9 (or more) Splits attack you at once, you suffer a -4 CS to your OV; the equivalent of each one of them being in the 11-12 AV Column (against the target's Dex), all attacking with an EV of 15 against the target's Spirit. Oh... And the main body still has 12 AP's of Sorcery to use with impunity, and up to 25 available. Yikes!


  1. Aww, man. And here I thought when I saw "Gray Man," I would be seeing stats for the famous ghost of Pawley's Island, South Carolina :)

  2. I never saw the reason for the Connection (Lords of Chaos). Sure, he was no fan of the Lords of Order. If I remember the story line correctly, he went off the reservation all on his own and without any prompting from Chaos.