Dex:   4   Str:   3   Body:    3
Int:   7   Will:  5   Mind:    3
Infl:  6   Aura:  4   Spirit:  3
Initiative: 15  Hero Points:  60

Gadgetry: 9
Scientist: 9

Advantages: Connections: Changeling (High), Dayton Industries (High), Doom Patrol (High), New Titans (Low)

Drawbacks: Serious Psychological Instability; Catastrophic Physical Restriction: Cancer

Alter Ego: Steve Dayton

Motivation: Upholding the Good / Psychopath
Occupation: Scientist, Businessman
Wealth: 21

Original Mento Helmet [Body: 5, Illusion: 13, Mental Blast: 8, Mind Blast: 8, Telekinesis: 9, R#:2 ]

IMPROVED MENTO HELMET [Body: 6, Control: 15, Force manipulation: 25, Illusion: 18, Mental Blast: 13, Mind Blast: 13, Telekinesis: 20, Telepathy: 20, R#:2 ]  Limitations: The Improved Helmet slowly destabilizes the wearer's sanity. (GM's discretion.)

Source: New Titans Sourcebook, page 90
affiliated with: Hybrid

Ed's Notes: It doesn't matter what comes
Fresh stays better in life
With Mento's freshness full of life!
Nothing gets to you
Staying fresh, staying cool
With Mento's freshness full of life!
Fresh stays better, Mento's freshness!
Fresh stays better with Mento's freshness full of life!

You're welcome! LMAO!

BTW... This is the guy who created the reluctant villain team Hybrid.  And if the Titans were to come after him for that, he could pose a truly awesome threat. Considiering his treatment of Hybrid, he's... a bit of a dick.

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