Dex:  10   Str:   9   Body:    9
Int:   5   Will:  7   Mind:    9
Infl:  9   Aura:  8   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 26  Hero Points:  60

Dimension Travel: 15
Invulnerability: 12

Animal Handling: 8
Weaponry: 10

Limitation: power Restriction: Dimension Travel can only be used to remove the souls of the dead and transport them to Valhalla (Travel Value: 8.) Treat this as the Banishment use of that Power.

Advantages: Connections: Axis Amerika (High), Nazi Germany (High), Valhalla (High); Lightning Reflexes; Pet (Stormwind)

Alter Ego:  Unknown
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Axis Operative
Wealth: 0


Lance [Body: 13, EV: 6, Energy Blast: 18] Limitation: Energy Blast can only be used once every five phases and is automatically considered Killing Combat when used in this fashion.

Source: World at War Sourcebook, pages 73-74

affiliation(s): Axis Amerika

Ed's Notes:
 The Nazi's answer to Wonder Woman... sort of.  Instead of an Amazon, she's a Valkyrie. (Also, who COLORED that picture?! Because they didn't do a very good job of it!)

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