Monkey King

Monkey King
Dex:   7    Str:   1  Body:    1
Int:   4    Will:  6  Mind:    6
Infl:  9    Aura:  9  Spirit:  7
Initiative: 14  Hero Points:  40

Aura of Fear: 11
Claws: 7
Phobia: 13
Power Reserve: 35

Limitations: Miscellaneous: Power Reserve begins at 0 AP's. Every RAP from Aura of Fear or Phobia earned against it's host character increases Power Reserve by 1 AP, up to its maximum of 35. Reserves gained last for just one hour and must be recharged the next hour. AP's of Power Reserve are automatically divided between Str and Body. Power Reserve is also tied to his physical size, which  ranges from that of an insect (when the Reserve is drained) to that of a 12-foot monster (when the Reserve if full.); Host Character: when it enters Earth's Plane, he must choose a host. It is the fear of the host that gives the Monkey King the Power to remain on the plane. Cannot allow harm to befall the host unless it wishes to leave the plane until summoned again.

Drawbacks: Fatal Vulnerability to daylight

Alter Ego: None

Motivation: Nihilist
Occupation: Extra-planar entity
Wealth: n/a

Source: Swamp Thing Sourcebook, page 26-17

Foe of: Swamp Thing, Etrigan

Ed's Notes: This is a very interesting villain. I mean... the obvious kidnapping-caper is kind of the low-hanging fruit. Capture teh average someone with all 2's for Attributes, keep them terrorized, and end up with physicals of 7/18/17 or 7/17/18... Which is Martian Manhunter territory in Str, and SUPERMAN territory in Body. And yet... Starts out as a "harmless" insect. Lol. Also, will the PC's figure out to just kick the crap out of the hostage/host? I mean... knock them out and MK goes home, right? Or the daylight thing... Good use of Occultist for research purposes. This could make for a very interesting Horror-style (Swamp Thing) campaign.

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