Dr. Saul Erdel

Dr. Saul Erdel
Dex:   2   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   8   Will:  6   Mind:    6
Infl:  2   Aura:  3   Spirit:  2
Initiative: 10  Hero Points:  35

Gadgetry: 9
Scientist: 9

Advantages: Connections: J'Onn J'Onzz (High), Scientific Community (Low); Genius; Scholar (spatial physics)

Drawbacks: Age (old)

Alter Ego: none
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Scientist
Wealth: 8

MATTER TRANSMITTER [Body: 8, Teleportation: 30, Time Travel: 30, R#: 5]

Source: Atlas of the DC Universe, page 45

Ed's Notes: It was one of Dr. Erdel's experiments that brought the Martian Manhunter to Earth. (Um... Hey, Doc? LUCKY HE WAS ONE OF THE GOOD ALIENS, HUH?! JESUS!) I really love when they stat out supporting characters for some of the lesser known heroes. Playing Martina Manhunter (or any of them, really) gives the character more depth and the PC a regularly occurring ally to play off of. (Which leads to more role playing opportunities and a better experience, IMHO.) And this guy's also pretty handy if your campaign just needs a non-villainous, though still somewhat mad-, Scientist type who's brilliant, but at the same time still considered a bit of an eccentric crank by most of his colleagues.

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