Isadore O'Toole

Isadore "Izzy" O'Toole
Dex:   2   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   2   Will:  2   Mind:    2
Infl:  3   Aura:  2   Spirit:  3
Initiative:  7  Hero Points:  10

Detective: 4
Medicine (First Aid): 2
Thief: 2
Vehicles (Land): 2
Weaponry (Firearms): 3

Advantages: Connections: Hub City Police Department (High), Hub City Mayor's Office (High), Street (High), Question (Low)

Drawbacks: Authority Figure; Guilt

Alter Ego: none
Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: Hub City Acting Chief of Police
Wealth: 4

Source: Atlas of the DC Universe, page 36
also see: Myra Connelly

Ed's Notes: Well... Jim Gordon he's not. Lol. I like when they flesh out supporting characters like this though. Doesn't look like the Irish-Cop stereotype... But is he? Should he be played that way? Like Chief O'Hara in the 1960's Adam West Batman show? Lol

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