Dorine Clay

Dorine Clay
Dex:   2   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   4   Will:  3   Mind:    3
Infl:  2   Aura:  2   Spirit:  2
Initiative:  8  Hero Points:  10

Scientist: 2
Vehicles: 2
Weaponry: 2

Advantages: Attractive; Connection: Hal Jordan (Low)

Alter Ego: Onu Murtu
Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: Alien Rebel
Wealth: 5

Source: Adapted from 1st Edition Green Lantern Corps Sourcebook, page 48

Ed's Notes: Started out as one of Hal Jordan's passing flings. It turns out she's actually an alien from the planet Garon who needs his help rebelling against it's evil ruler, Headman. That sentence kicked ass until the very last word. Lol.

Headman had some kind of Mind Control device that she alone in the population was immune to. So... She should probably have the Mind Shield Power or something? And she could mask the fact that she still had free will from him. If he could read minds as well, that suggest the Mind Blank power as well, since he may have been able to sense a Mind Field. Also she seems to kick a lot more ass in the comics than her supporting cast-level stats here would suggest, but that's what they were.  Could still make for a cool plot twist.

Oh, yeah... And technically Onu Murtu is her REAL name and Dorine Clay her Alter Ego. But... Her entry in the GL Sourcebook is under Dorine Clay, and that's most likely the guise that PC would encounter her in, so... Yeah, keeping it this way. :)

First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #36 (April, 1965)

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