Robin IV

Robin IV
Dex:   5   Str:   3   Body:    3
Int:   5   Will:  5   Mind:    5
Infl:  4   Aura:  3   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 16  Hero Points:  35

Acrobatics: 7
Artist (Musician): 4
Martial Artist: 5
Medicine (First Aid): 3
Thief (Stealth): 5
Vehicles (Land): 4
Weaponry (Missile): 6

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Bristol Township); Connections: Tim Drake (High), Batman (High), Oracle (High)
Drawbacks: Age (young)

Alter Ego: Stephanie Brown

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Student
Wealth: 1


COSTUME [Body: 6, Flame Immunity: 2, Radio Communications: 7, Ultra Vision: 3]

Swinglines [Str: 4, Body: 6] Lines are 3 AP's long 

Launching Grappling Hook [Str: 4, Body: 3, Range: 3] 

Flash Marbles (x4) [Body 1, Fog: 3, Sensory Block: 4, R#: 3] Bonuses: Sensory Block has Area Effect, up to 1 AP (Affects vision, hearing and smell); Limitation: Range of Sensory Block is only 1 AP

Razor "R's" (x10) [Body: 7, Claws: 3, Gliding: 2] Bonus: Can thrown up to four in a single phase and adds one to the final die roll for each addition blade thrown after the first.

Vomit Gas Grenade [Body: 1, Fog: 3, Poison Touch: 6] Limitation: Only causes opponents to vomit: Add RAP's to OV of any dice action, treat as stunned if RAP's exceed Body.

Bola [Body: 4, Snare: 5]

Binoculars [Body: 2, Telescopic Vision: 4]

Tracking Device [Body: 1, Radio Communications: 10] Limitation: Only emits a traceable signal.

Poison Antidote [Body: 1, Systematic Antidote: 5]

Air Supply [Body: 1, Sealed Systems: 5]

5 AP AB Omni-Gadgets (x2)

REINFORCED ENDURO MOTORBIKE [Str: 03, Body: 6, Running: 06, R#2]

Source: Original, Adapted from and

also see: Spoiler

Ed's Notes: This is an original entry that leans heavily on the Spoiler #2 and Batgirl V entries in Writeups. Basically, Stats-wise, this is an average of the two entries, usually rounding down, and not adding in any new skills she'd acquired by the time she became Batgirl. Essentially a slightly improved (+1 AP to almost everything, on average) version of Spoiler. I left her Spoiler gear mostly intact, since it was generally better than what Mayfair gave Robin III, but I also threw in anything that she had, figuring she would have inherited it. I also dropped the extra Drawbacks I'd added to Spoiler from her Writeups entry. Figure she'd be over Robin somewhat around the time that she BECAME Robin. Lol

First Appearance: Robin #126 (May, 2004)

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