Dex:   4   Str:   3   Body:    3
Int:   4   Will:  4   Mind:    4
Infl:  3   Aura:  3   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 13  Hero Points:  25

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 6
Artist (Musician): 4
Martial Artist: 5
Medicine (First Aid): 3
Thief (Stealth): 4
Vehicles (Land): 3
Weaponry (Missile): 5

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Bristol Township); Connections: Robin (High), Oracle (Low)
Drawbacks: Age (young); Serious Irrational Attraction to Robin (manifests in romantic jealousy); Uncertainty

Alter Ego: Stephanie Brown

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Student
Wealth: 1


COSTUME [Body: 6, F Lame Immunity: 2, Radio Communications: 7, Ultra Vision: 3]

Swinglines [Str: 4, Body: 6] Lines are 3 AP's long 

Launching Grappling Hook [Str: 4, Body: 3, Range: 3] 

Flash Marbles (x4) [Body 1, Fog: 3, Sensory Block: 4, R#: 3] Bonuses: Sensory Block has Area Effect, up to 1 AP (Affects vision, hearing and smell); Limitation: Range of Sensory Block is only 1 AP

Throwing Blades (x10) [Body: 3, EV: 2] Bonus: Can thrown up to four in a single phase and adds one to the final die roll for each addition blade thrown after the first.

Vomit Gas Grenade [Body: 1, Fog: 3, Poison Touch: 6] Limitation: Only causes opponents to vomit: Add RAP's to OV of any dice action, treat as stunned if RAP's exceed Body.

Bola [Body: 4, Snare: 5]

Binoculars [Body: 2, Telescopic Vision: 4]

REINFORCED ENDURO MOTORBIKE [Str: 03, Body: 6, Running: 06, R#2]

Source: Adapted from Writeups.org

also see: Robin IV

Ed's Notes: There were two entries in Write-ups, but the first one was a Year-One style entry, and was barely different from the "this is her once she was established as a hero" entry, so I just used the latter. (The only thing that comes from the first entry was the Vomit Gas Grenade, and even that I adapted a bit, to be more like the vomit pellets that Red Robin carries.) I re-did most of the gear a bit to bring in line with similar gear that the various Robins have carried. Oh, and I gave her the 
Serious Irrational Attraction and Uncertainty, as these both strike me as definitive traits for the character. Not sure why Writeups left them out. Especially the SIA. Uncertainty... YMMV.

I remember Spoiler from back in the day. Basically a stalker with a crush on Tim Drake who went into costumed crime-fighting top get him to notice her. Could be a really fun low-level character to play at this stage in her career. She briefly stepping is a Robin (IV) for a spell when Time Drake was forced to quit, and eventually got to take on the mantle of Batgirl (III).  Oh yeah... And her DAD was the Cluemaster, so... not exactly a Damien Wayne level of family lineage, but it counts for something. Lol

First Appearance: Detective Comics #648 (July, 1992)

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