I.G.C.N. Security Robots

I.G.C.N. Security Robots
Dex:  12   Str:  18   Body:   15
Int:  12   Will:  6   Mind:   10
Initiative: 44  Hero Points:  30

Adaptation: 20
Energy Blast: 15
Running: 6

Bonus: Robots add their AP's of Adaptation to their Initiative scores.

Alter Ego: none
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Security Robots
Wealth: n/a

2nd Edition Come on Down Module, pages 20, 27
also see: Manga Khan

Ed's Notes: Wow. Does Manga Khan know how to do a Robot or doesn't he?! Damn. As far as I know, these only appear in the 2nd Edition Come on Down module, but I don't care... Ima have these badboys cleanin' up all kinds o'messes aboard the Cluster. (And what the hell kind of BONUS is that?! Damn. I never would of thought to just... DO something like that! Yeah, fuckit, just add this to their Initiative, why not?! Lol)

Oh yeah... And what's more? The book doesn't include THIS "bonus" in their write-up, but apparently they can not Adapt existing Power's from other characters, but WHATEVER Power they might need to COUNTERACT a given Character. So... It's actually more like Omni-Power. That doesn't need any Hero Points. And adds to their Initiative. Holy. Fucking. Shitballs. Where do I get one of these?!

First Appearance: 2nd Edition Come on Down Module (1990)

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