Class:     Mental      Link:        Int
Range:     Special     Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 1000        Factor Cost: 10    

Description: This Power allows a Character to duplicate any existing Power or Skill from any other character. To utilize Adaptation, a Character must have witnessed the use of the Power/Skill to be Adapted , and must be within Normal Range of that Character to adapt any number of Powers and/or Skills, provided the cumulative AP's do not exceed their AP's of Adaptation.

Character utilizing Adaptation use concentrate for one phase prior to utilizing the Adapted Power/Skill, at which point they receive AP's of the Adapted Power/Skill equal to those of the Character from which the Power/Skill was Adapted; if the Adapted Power was linked, the Adapting Character receives the AP's of Power/Skill equal to their AP's in the Adapted Power/Skill's link Attribute. (Remember, the total AP's of all Adapted Powers and Skills cannot exceed the Character's AP's of Adaptation.)

Once a Character has Adapted certain Powers and/or Skills, they can keep them until they replace the, with other Powers or Skills (although they may intentionally "lose" them at will without adding new ones.)

Note:  Power s and Skills with Base Costs greater than 100 Hero Points can never be Adapted using this Power.

This Power can be purchased with the following special Limitations: Cannot Adapt Skills (-1 Factor Cost); Cannot Adapt Powers (-3 Factor Cost.)

Amazo, the "One-Man Justice League" has this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 51

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