Class:     Physical    Link:        Dex
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 45          Factor Cost: 4     

Description: This Power allows a Character to become impossible to detect with one sense (usually sight.) This sense that the Character is invisible t must be chosen with the Power is purchased: Sight, Hearing or Smell/Taste (Smell and Taste count as one sense for the purposes of this Power.) Note that if you want to be "invisible" to the Touch sense, you must purchase the Dispersal Power (see page 54.)

When a Character activates this Power , they bonces impossible to locate with the normal sense(s) to which they are invisible. Special perception Powers may be used to locate an invisible Character by making an Action Check using the AP's of Power as the AV/EV and the AP's of Invisibility as the OV/RV. Positive RAP's indicate that the invisible Character is located. Characters who have successfully located the invisible Character is located. Characters who have successfully located an invisible target in this way are not affected by this Power until the invisible Character has taken steps to disguise their location again.

Characters without perception Power may also attempt to locate an invisible Character with their other sense, but it is much more difficult. First of all, they must have some reason to suspect the invisible Character's presence (GM's discretion.) The, they must make a Perception Check (see page 107) against OV/RV equal to the AP's of Invisibility. If RAP's scored are equal to or greater than the RV, an attack may be launched with a +1 Column Shift to the OV. If the RAP's scored are at least 1/2 the RV, an attack can still be made, but at a +3 Column Shift penalty to the OV.

Attempting to guide an attack with normal senses other than Sight is extremely difficult at best. Any such attack will suffer a penalty of +3 Column Shifts to the OV in addition to the penalties listed in the above paragraph. (Note that none of these penalties apply if a Character successfully uses a perception Power to locate the invisible Character.)

Characters are automatically Surprised (see page 105) when initially attacked by undetected invisible opponents. Immediately after being attacked, the target may attempt to locate the invisible Character (using the appropriate method above) with a bonus of -2 Column Shifts to the OV/RV of the attempt. This attempt does not use up a Character's Dice Action of that phase.

This Power may be purchase with special Bonuses that extend the invisibility Power into other sense areas. The base Power affects one of the three "senses" (Sight, Hearing or Smell/Taste.) The other senses may be added. each for a +3 Factor Cost Penalty. Additionally, if all three "senses" are affected the Base Cost of the Power is doubled (to 9.) Note that Characters who are invisible to all three "senses" cannot be located at all unless the spotting character has some sort of perception Power.

Martian Manhunter has this Power

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 47

Ed's Notes: (Additional, relevant information):

According to page 105, 1) a Surprised Character may not make any Dice Actions during the first phase of combat (they have no initiative,) and 2) Surprised Characters have their Opposing Value moved -2 Column Shifts to the left on the Action Table.

According to page 107, A Perception Check is a Dice Action that is rolled by the Gamemaster to see if a Character is aware of something in th world around him.

The Character's Acting Value is their Int and the Effect Value is their Will. (Additional information does not apply for the purposes of this Power. See above instead.)

A (probably incomplete) list of Powers that might (GM's discretion applies in some cases) be helpful in spotting an Invisible Character, or in some cases at least knowing that one is there even if they can't yet be located:

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent, Danger Sense, Direction Hearing, Hypersensitive Touch, Life Sense, Magic Sense (if Power is Mystically Linked,) Radar Sense, Sonar, Thermal Vision, Truesight, Ultra Vision.

And... I don't know... What about Telepathy or Mind Probe? Can that be cast about blindly? I'm mean... Making an attempt to see through their eyes, or just mentally see what they are sensing? If you find yourself looking at the back of your head, I would think you'd know they were right behind you. Lol. GM's discretion, I guess.

Also... Let's say you're battling in the desert, or in a forest with a lot of leaves on the ground, or a dusty old warehouse... Shouldn't the obvious foot print in that case mitigate at least some of the penalties listed above when trying to locate then with "normal" senses?

For the record... This is one of those Powers that I HATE PC's having. Lol

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