Fluid Form

Fluid Form
Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: n/a         Factor Cost: 5     

A character with Fluid Form can turn his/her body into a amorphous congregation, capable of flowing through tiny cracks and crevices. While using the Fluid Form, the character can flow though narrow entrances just as though s/he had AP's of Shrinking equal to his/her Fluid Form AP's However, unlike with the Shrinking Power, the character with the Fluid Form power may change his/her shape.

Source: 1st Edition Green Lantern Sourcebook, page 92

Ed's Notes: This Power was included in the 1st Edition of the Game but the Dropped in 2nd and 3rd without really getting a decent substitutes for it.  In 1st Edition, the Green Lantern's Eddore and Flodo Span had this power, but they were not included in 2nd Edition. One thing i think might be useful is how it's relates to the Shrinking Power for determining how small a crack the Character could flow though. This could also be a useful guide for any Character with the Molecular Chameleon Power, who tried to pull of the same trick.

Also, when someone assumes a Liquid of Gaseous form using Molecular Chameleon, it is assumed that they have the same AP's of Dispersal activated. Just as a general feel thing, I think that this power should act that way. As it's not written up, I would consider that a +1 Special Bonus, which would bring it's Factor Cost up to the same level as Dispersal.


  1. According to Blood Of Heroes 2nd Edition, Fluid Form has a Base Cost of 75 and a Factor Cost of 7. The Sidekick Sourcebook puts the costs at 75 and 8.

    1. I do not have the Sidekick Sourcebook (and as I try to stay away from BoH as much as I can in any case, I probably won't be picking up anything beyond the Special Edition Rulebook.) I DO however have that! Lol. So I'll have to do an updated entry with that information as well, since 1st edition leaves it a bit... incomplete. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Wouldn't this be "Water Control" Self Linked?