Molecular Chameleon

Molecular Chameleon
Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 75          Factor Cost: 10     

Description: This Power gives a Character the ability to restructure their molecules into any material touched. A Character may use Molecular Chameleon to assume the shape of any existing gas, liquid or solid. 

When Molecular Chameleon is activated, both the Character's Str and Body instantly assume AP levels equal the Body of the substance touched, but neither may be raised higher than the Character's AP's of Molecular Chameleon. For example, if a Character with 8 AP's of Molecular Chameleon were to touch steel with 12 AP's of Body, their Str and Body would each become 8 AP's, not 12 AP's.

A liquid or gaseous Character is treated as having the Dispersal Power rated at the same AP's as their Molecular Chameleon Power (their Body stays a its original AP level.) However a Character in such a form cannot actually "pass through" solid objects, although they can "flow" though them is there are sufficient gaps or openings.

A Character using Molecular Chameleon has complete control of their body. The Character's molecules do not "leak away" if they change to fluid nor are the completely rigid if the Character changes into a solid.

This Power may be purchased with a special +3 Factor Cost Bonus: Need No Material To Copy.

Metamorpho of the Justice League International has this Power with the special Bonus.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 59

Ed's Notes: If the GM needs some help determining if there are "sufficient gaps" for a liquid Character to "flow" through, might want to consider using the same strategy as the 1st Edition Fluid Form Power, and equate the AP's of Molecular Chameleon to AP's of Shrinking to make this determination.

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