Dex: 10/12 Str:   8    Body:   8
Int:   8   Will:  8    Mind:   7
Infl:  6   Aura:  6    Spirit: 6
Initiative:26/28 Hero Points:100

Animal Control: 15
Animal Summoning: 12
Control: 4
Empathy: 6
Speak With Animals: 12
Swimming: 7
Telepathy: 4
Ultra Vision: 7
Water Freedom: 12

Vehicles: 6

Limitations: Animal Powers only work on marine and water-based life forms (Whales, Seagulls, etc...)

Advantages:  Connections: Atlantis (Low), Justice League International (High); Leadership; Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Authority Figure (Atlantis, later in Career only); Exile (Forced); Married (Separated); Public Identity; Fatal Vulnerability: Lack of contact with water (Loses 1 AP of Str (minimum 3) and Body for every 20 minutes he's out of the water

Alter Ego: Arthur Curry

Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Protector of Seas and Oceans
Wealth: 4

CAMOUFLAGE SUIT [Body: 6, Thief (Stealth): 8] Limitation: Stealth only works underwater. Stealth acts as OV/RV of any perception check and Aquaman gains surprise against any undersea opponent who fails the check.

UNDERSEA ALLIES (see separate page)

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 160; Who's Who 3rd Edition

Rogues Gallery
also see: 2nd Edition
supporting Cast: AquagirlAqualadMera
affiliation(s): Justice League of America

Ed's Notes: This version is a little beefed up from the 2nd edition, and I prefer to use it.  The Exile Drawback is new, and was story-specific in the comic at the time, so I may consider dropping that at the start, but then re-introducing it later on, through the game's story-line.  Also,to make things a little less annoying, the 2nd edition Justice League Sourcebook included the following piece of equipment. I would highly recommend including it with this character:

WATER SUIT [Body: 8, Sealed Systems: 15] Limitation: Sealed Systems only allows Aquaman to survive out of water for 24 hours

Also, it seems appropriate to add:

Advantages:  Sidekick (Aqualad)

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941)

Aquaman Aquaman Aquaman Aquaman Aquaman


  1. I dont know if this suprises you as much as it did me but from what I have heard, his trident is the actual Neptune's trident. Like the greek god. Also Im totally not wanting to be know it all ish but aqualad had at one point some capacity for magic. Im not really up to date so whatever. Like i just saw deadpool 2 and infinity war this week.

    1. Aqualad has gone through some major (and much needed) changes over the years. And he's a different character entirely now. (Meaning he's not even Garth.)


    2. Garth is not Aqualad any more, he goes by Tempest, and yeah he got some cool magic powers.

      I like the new Aqualad better, particularly the YOung Justice Version

    3. @Mark Compton: Tempest is definitely a more... powerful? useful? Maybe even INTERESTING? ...character that the old Aqualad was. And call me a comic-book-Conservative, but I'm never a fan of established characters becoming something so different from their original forms. I mean... YEAH, the idea of sidekicks IS pretty stupid... BUT IT'S A DC STAPLE!!! Lol. And the idea of the original Teen Titans - that of everyone SIDEKICKS teaming up together was, IMHO, cooler as a concept and theme than what came later. (Even though, yes, many of those stories and characters were infinitely better .) I also realize that its a nearly impossible challenge for a comic book writer to keep coming up with new and interesting storylines, while somehow NEVER allowing the main characters to age, mature, or CHANGE. I just HATE when that "growth" comes in the form of a completely new power set. That always strikes me as a cheap gimmick / lazy writing... EVEN WHEN, yes, admittedly, it ends up turning a relative lame character like Aqualad into a relatively cool character like Tempest. I'm just stubborn that way, I guess. lol. But every time they do that, I can't help but think, WHY NOT JUST MAKE TEMPEST (in this case) AS A *NEW* CHARACTER?! (And let Aquaman keep his sidekick!)