Dex:   6   Str:   3   Body:    8
Int:   5   Will:  5   Mind:    4
Infl:  6   Aura:  5   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 17  Hero Points:  60

Shape Change: 8

Charisma: 6

Limitations: If he takes the form of a creature with Body of 5 or higher for three or more consecutive rounds, he take 1 RAP of Mental Bashing damage, which cannot be reduced though Last Ditch Defense; All of his animal forms are green.

Advantages: Connections: Dayton Industries (High), New Titans (High), Robotman (High), Television Industry (Low); Rich Family (Steve Dayton)

Drawbacks: Public Identity

Alter Ego: Garfield Logan
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Former TV Actor
Wealth: 18

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 49; New Titans Sourcebook, page 26
Rouges Gallery
see also: Beast Boy

Ed's Notes:  I like him a lot better the way he's been drawn for the last 10 years or so. Why the hell did they make his look like such a dweeb originally?!  2nd Edition Sources omit the Limitation on hold in the form of larger animals causing Mental Bashing Damage.

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