Dex:   3   Str:  12   Body:   18
Int:   1   Will:  1   Mind:   20
Infl:  1   Aura:  2   Spirit: 20
Initiative:  5  Hero Points:  50

Acid: 18
Adaptation: 20
Growth: 30
Invulnerability: 25
Poison Touch: 9

Bonus: Invulnerability can be re-checked every 20 AP's of time, even after a failed check and/or "death"

Limitations: Power Restrictions: 7 AP's of Growth are Always on; Growth does not cause Str Increase; Adaptation can only be used to duplicate Powers and Attributes of a being who has lent a physical element of himself to Chemo's composition, and it takes Chemo one hour to reproduce the ability.

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance

Alter Ego: None

Motivation: Nihlist
Occupation: Giant Blob Monster
Wealth: n/a

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; 2nd Edition Background/Rosterbook, page 78

Ed's Notes: Am I reading this right... At full size, he would have an RV of 41?!  Even with that Dex of 3, Superman himself landing a critical blow would still be ineffective without shifts!  (For the record, Superman landing a Devastating Attack would do 10 RAP's of damage without shifts.) (Holy crap!) I've gotta use this guy MORE! lol

2nd Edition leaves off his Adaption power, the bonuses on his Invulnerability and just says,  "Growth is always on," not, "7 AP's of Growth are always on."

So.... in 2nd Edition, his Physical RV is just 18. All the time. Which seems fair, but then why EVER grow beyond the 7 AP's? Just to make yourself a larger target? Makes no sense. 

First Appearance: Showcase #39 (Aug, 1962)

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