Harley Quinn, Year One

Harley Quinn Year One
Dex:   7   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   3   Will:  3   Mind:    2
Infl:  4   Aura:  4   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 14  Hero Points:  25

Acrobatics: 7
Charisma: 5
Gadgetry: 4
Medicine: 3
Vehicles: 5
Weaponry: 5

Advantages: Attractive; Connection:  Arkham Asylum (Low), Joker (Low); Gift of Gab

Drawbacks: Innocent; Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to the Joker; Serious Psychological Instability; Uncertainty

Alter Ego: Dr. Harlene Quinzell
Motivation: Thrill Seeker
Occupation: Former Psychiatrist, Joker Moll
Wealth: 4

Big Smasheroony [Body: 5, EV: 5]

.44 Magnum [Body: 4, EV: 5, Range: 5, Ammo: 6, R#: 3]

4 AP ABCD Omni-Gadgets (x3)

Source: adapted from Writeups.org
also see: Modern Version

Ed's Notes: This entry represents Harley as she very first appeared, totaly cowed and pwned by the joker, and pretty much useless without him. Later in her career, she gets 'Roided up a bit by Poison Ivy, and her Physical Attributes improve greatly. This moght explain why she can beat Nightwing hand-to-hand in Batman and Harley Quinn, but was always being manhandled by the Joker in the Batman Animated Series. BTW... "Big Smasheroony" was the name given to her comically over-sized mallet in the DC Legends Mobile Game. I think it's funny, so I kept it. :)

First Appearance: Batman the Animated Series, Joker's Favor (September, 1992)

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