Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Dex:  10   Str:   5   Body:    4
Int:   3   Will:  3   Mind:    2
Infl:  4   Aura:  4   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 19  Hero Points:  50

Systematic Antidote: 6

Acrobatics: 10
Charisma: 5
Gadgetry: 4
Medicine: 3
Vehicles: 7
Weaponry: 7

Advantages: Attractive; Connection:  Arkham Asylum (Low), Joker (Low), Poison Ivy (High), Suicide Squad (High); Gift of Gab; Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Innocent; Minor Irrational Attraction to the Joker; Serious Psychological Instability; Uncertainty

Alter Ego: Dr. Harlene Quinzell
Motivation: Thrill Seeker
Occupation: Former Psychiatrist
Wealth: 4

Big Smasheroony [Body: 5, EV: 5]

.45 Automatic [Body: 4, EV: 4, Range: 5, Ammo: 7, R#: 3]

4 AP ABCD Omni-Gadgets (x3)

Source: adapted from Writeups.org
also see: Year One

Ed's Notes: This entry represents Harley after she was hooked up with some super-serum by Poison Ivy. By this point she's mostly over the Joker (mostly) and pretty capable on her own. BTW... "Big Smasheroony" was the name given to her comically over-sized mallet in the DC Legends Mobile Game. I think it's funny, so I kept it. :)  Also... Hard to pin down her "First Appearance." She first appeared in Batman the Animated Series, and then in the Batman Adventures comics based around that series. But since this is the version of the character that developed in canon, I'm using her first in canon appearance in the Comics:

First Appearance: Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (October, 1999)

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  1. Shouldn't she have the scholar advantage for psychology and/or psychiatry?