Dr. U'bx

Dr. U'bx
Dex:   8   Str:   2   Body:    3
Int:  13   Will:  9   Mind:   12
Infl:  7   Aura:  5   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 28  Hero Points:  90

Shrinking: 3

Acrobatics: 4
Gadgetry: 13
Scientist: 13

Limitation: Shrinking is Always on

Advantages: Genius

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Scientist, Would-be Conqueror
Wealth: 10


Sucker Stick [Body: 11]

Source: Adapted from 1st Edition Green Lantern Corps Sourcebook, page 72

(former) foe of: Ch'p

Ed's Notes: One of the least menacing (and therefore easiest to underestimate?) villains in all of the DC Universe. 1st Edition actually rating his Scientist and Gadgetry Skills at 20 AP's apiece. LOL... Yeah right! That puts him above BRAINIAC in those categories. So... No. I've lowered his scores there to be between Batman's and Lex Luthor's, and he's closer to Batman's. (Luthor had a Scientist: 25, and Brainiac a 
Scientist: 30 in 1st Edition, so this keeps his roughly in line with were he I think he should be once scaled to 3rd Edition.)

The Sucker Stick was given no stats in the 1st Ed GL Sourcebook. So I have NO IDEA what it can do. Maybe he used his Gadgetry and Scientist Skills to put Powers on it? Bested on some reading I could see it having Bomb, Flash, Energy Blast, Lightning, Magnetic Control, and really the GM should have a bit of fun with this.

First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #201 (June, 1986)

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