Dex:  12   Str:  18   Body:   15
Int:   5   Will: 25   Mind:   10
Infl:  2   Aura:  3   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 44  Hero Points: 175

Adaptation: 40
Animal Control: 15
Animal Summoning: 12
Chameleon: 10
Dispersal: 12
Flight: 13
Invisibility: 10
Mind Probe: 6
Sonic Beam: 8
Speak With Animals: 8
Stretching: 8
Super Breath: 10
Superspeed: 25
Swimming: 7
Telepathy: 6
Telescopic Vision: 8
Water Freedom: 12
X-Ray Vision: 8

Acrobatics: 6
Detective: 6
Vehicles: 10

Bonuses: Amazo can use Adaptation Power on Skills and Attributes

Limitations: Animal Power only work on Marine Life Forms

Alter Ego: "The One-Man Justice League"

Motivation: Nihilist / Follows Programming
Occupation: Android
Wealth: 0


POWER RING [Body: 25, Int: 10, Comprehend Languages: 20, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: 25, Invulnerability: 18, Life Sense: 40, Omni-Power: 12, Recall: 20, Regeneration: 4, Sealed Systems: 12, Skin Armor: 4, Spirit Travel: 50] Limitations: Life Sense can only detect other Green Lanterns. Ring is useless against anything colored yellow. Ring's body is 6 when not being worn

Source: 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 75; Justice League Sourcebook, Page 77

Foe of: The Justice League of America

Ed's Notes: A couple of changes that *I* like to make to both bring him up to 3rd Edition snuff and to be consistent with his original origin of having adapted all of the powers of the first JLA, not including Batman or Superman:

1) His Dex should be 13, and his initiative 45. No one in ANY incarnation of the JLA has a Dex of 12. I'm not sure where that comes from. But Wonder Woman's is 13.

2) Lose the Sonic Beam, because Black Canary wasn't there. (Or increase it to 10, because that's what her's is rated at in 3rd ed.) (No: Delete it. It's pointless.)

3) Increase Flight to 15, grant Invulnerability: 16, and lower Stretching to 6, all to match Martian Manhunter. (The increases don't really matter though: The Green Lantern Ring is better in both cases.)

4) Give him Wonder Woman's Weaponry skill of 13, and increase Acrobatics to 11 to match her score as well.  Then give him her Lasso and Bracelets:

Lasso of Truth [Str: 15, Body: 35, Animal Control: 15, Control: 5] Limitation: Control can only be used to make ensnared target tell the truth; Animal Control can only ward off or coral beasts.

BRACELETS [Body: 30]

Now THAT'S the one-man Justice League (wrecking machine) as originally conceived!

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #30 (June, 1960)


  1. You are mostly right with what Amazo's powers should beconsidering its creation. But in The World at War Sourcebook, an earlier stage of some heroes are presented and Wonder Woman is shown having DEX 12. Perhaps hshe had that when captured to create Amazo and improved later on. Amazo's DEX wouldn't change.

  2. I came to use "In Hot Pursuit" adventure module, in which you play Superman, and youhave to stop Amazo, who has just freed from LEXCORP. I was amazed when I read "If it appears that Superman will defeat Amazo too quickly...". Amazo just have to activate his Superspeed and substitue DEX for Superspeed, that way Superman will have ahard time hitting him in the first place, and Amazo can land Devatating blows on the Man of Steel (Don't understimate Amazo, if used properly!).

  3. Reminds me of the JLU episode "The Return" where Amazo had basically obtained God Hood and just walked through the Justice League like nothing

  4. DoomsDay Vs Amazo who wins? DD has never been anything other then a physical combatant. He hits stuff, that's it. No heat vision, no sonics etc that I know of at least. Amazo could do other stuff like get creative with the power ring. Not that he's ever really been that smart a character. Once all the adaption was spoken for by both combatants I think we'd just have two guys that hit stupidly hard, and take boat loads of damage. However since DD starts with higher physical stats I'll give it to him. If Amazo got smarter or had someone calling the shots that was smart I think he might be able to win.

  5. Under the bonuses for Amazo's adaption power it should be powers and skills not skills and attributes