Dex:  11   Str:   9   Body:    7
Int:   8   Will:  6   Mind:   12
Infl: 10   Aura:  8   Spirit: 12
Initiative: 31  Hero Points:  45

Bomb: 12
Invulnerability: 10
Jumping: 2
Lightning: 15
Regeneration: 2
Running: 8
Sealed Systems: 5
Swimming: 4

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 11*
Artist (Painter): 3
Medicine (First Aid): 3
Scientist: 5
Weaponry (Melee): 11*

Note: Bomb does electrical damage (Metallic targets receive -2 CS  to their RV, Insulated Targets receive +2 CS to their RV.)

Limitations: Bomb is Touch Only; Lightning and Bomb Powers must be channeled through an Artifact. (At present time, this is her Sacred Ringstaff.) Both Power are Fatiguing: After use, make a check using the AP's of Power used as the OV/RV against her Body/Body. RAP's are taken as Physical Bashing damage that cannot be negated through last ditch defense.

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Middle East); Attractive; Connections: American University (Low), Kyle Rainer (Low); Iron Nerves; Lightning Reflexes; Scholar (Art History, Middle Eastern and Babylonian Lore, Controllers Lore, World History); Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Alter Ego; Minor Irrational Attraction to being stubborn; Minor Irrational Attraction to saving archaeological knowledge.

Alter Ego: Professor Sala Nisaba
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Warrior
Wealth: 4

Sacred Scimitar [Body: 20, EV: 5/10] Limitations: EV 10 is only active for Istar or her descendants. EV limited to 5 for anyone else.]

Sacred Ringstaff [Body: 6] Note: It is through this that she channels her Lightning and Bomb Powers.

Source: adapted from

Ed's Notes: Following a long history of such racial tokenism (Apache Cheif, Samurai, El Dorado, the Global Guardians...) DC introduced many foreign heroes, but somehow all three from the Mediterranean ended up begin chicks with swords. And I've got nothing against that - my last relationship with such a chick lasted 25 years, so... yeah, bring on the sword-wielding badass chicks! Istar existed prior to this, but was brought back into prominence for the event... and then basically faded back into obscurity afterward. Ah well. Still pretty bad ass.

BTW... "Fatiguing" is a Limitation from Blood of Heroes, the effects of which I've described above.  (Personally, I would prefer the same mechanic as Sorcery, applied to the appropriate Attribute (Body, Mind or Spirit) but that's how it's written up, so I'm using it as described.) The Write-ups also included a Limitation called (Minor) "Marginal" on the same two powers. This would have required she spend 5 Hero Points just to USE the Powers (which would still be fatiguing.) This is Write-Ups House Rules though, is not in either DCH 3e or BoH, so I've left it off.

BTW... Regarding the Bomb Power doing  "electrical" damage... This is basically Lighting, with Area Effect, but diminishing EV with Range (so... like the Bomb Power.) Making it electrical is neither a Bonus or a Limitation, as it can be either depending on the nature of the target: whether Metallic or Insulated.

First Appearance: Madame Xanadu Special #1 (1981)

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