The following characters are associated with the Conclave:

Arsenal Android
Conclave Bureaucrats
Conclave Hound
Conclave Scientists
Conclave Soldiers
Jack Hess
"Lucky" Louie Candioni
Michael Watkins
Dr. Victor Vonlaub

Equipment: Commercial Space Shuttle [Body: 8, Str: 9, Int: 15, Flight: 14, Sealed Systems: 21, Omni-Arm: 2, Radar Sense: 18, Gliding: 9, Radio Communications: 27] Limitations: Flight only operates outside the gravitational field of a planet. Gliding only works when reentering the atmosphere form outer space.

EVA Space Suit [Body: 4, Sealed Systems: 12, Flight: 7, Radio Communications: 13] Limitations: Flight can only be used in zero- or low-gravity situations. Physical Powers that are projected from a Character's body cannot be used while wearing suit.

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