Air Control

Air Control
Class:     Mental      Link:        Int
Range:     Normal      Type:        Dice
Base Cost: 20          Factor Cost: 9     

Description: This Power allows a Character to control the movement of a volume of air. A Character with Air Control may utilize this Power toward a number of applications:

  • The User may aim a forceful wind gust at an opponent in an attempt to damage them/it. This is treated as a Physical Attack using the AP's of Air Control as AV/EV and the target's Dex/Body as OV/RV.
  • The user may summon strong winds to buffet about the opponents. This is treated exactly like attacks made via the Super Breath Power, except the winds affect everyone and everything (except the user) within a volume equal to the AP's of Power (rather than the 1-AP-wide corridor of Super Breath.  The user may shape this volume as desire. In addition, the Power user may choose the direction in which to Knock Back each of the targets, not necessarily choosing the same direction for each target. Damage sustained through Knockback is considered Killing Combat: see page 98.
  • The user can remove existing volumes of air to create a vacuum. This attack requires a successful Action Check with the user's AP of Air control as the AV/EV against an OV/RV equal to the volume of air to be displaced. The OV/RV revives a +2 Columns Shift modifier due to the difficulty of creating a vacuum. Characters caught in a vacuum lose 1 AP of current Body Condition per phase of exposure  (considered Killing Combat in most Genre;s, see page 176.)
  • The user may propel themselves via gusts of air, moving at a  distance per phase equal to the Character's AP's of Air Control.
  • Finally the user may simply move a volume of air. OV/RV's of such an attempt are the AP's of volume to be moved; RAP's equal the distance the volume is displaced. For example, a Character with Air Control could use the Power to push a cloud of poisonous or radioactive air away from a crowd of spectators or towards a a group of villains.
The Red Tornado, Earth's air elemental, has this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 51

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