Dex:  15   Str:  25   Body:   18
Int:  11   Will: 20   Mind:   15
Infl: 10   Aura: 20   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 49  Hero Points: 200

Directional Hearing: 8
Extended Hearing: 8
Flight: 18
Heat Vision: 15
Invulnerability: 22
Microscopic Vision: 15
Recall: 20
Sealed Systems: 11
Super Breath: 12
Super Hearing: 8
Superspeed: 11
Systematic Antidote: 18
Telescopic Vision: 13
Thermal Vision: 13
X-Ray Vision: 13


Artist (Journalist): 4
Charisma (Persuasion): 15
Scientist: 10

Advantages:  Area Knowledge (Metropolis); Connections: Batman (High), Daily Planet (High), Metropolis Police Headquarters (High), White House (High), Justice League International (Low); Expansive Headquarters (Fortress of Solitude); Free Access; Lightning Reflexes; Popularity; Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Secret Identity; Fatal (and Loss) Vulnerability: Kryptonite, Range of 2 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Magic, Range of 0 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Lack of yellow Sun Radiation, Range of 0 AP's (Note: All Loss Vulnerabilities affect all Attributes and Powers); 

Alter Ego: Clark Kent, Kal-El

Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Journalist
Wealth: 5

Source: Who's Who 3rd Edition

Fortress of Solitude
Rogues Gallery
Supporting Cast
also see: 2nd Edition, Golden Age, Silver Age
affiliation(s): Justice League of America

Ed's Notes: Although this is still the version I would use, the Aura of 20, combined with the Persuasion of 15 makes his personality strong enough to talk Lex Luthor into giving up the life and become a monk.  GM's discretion still applies, and there are modifiers in the rules, but these numbers seem like overkill to me.  The 2nd edition version has essentially the same Stats, except his Aura is 10, which is just more realistic. In addition I would add or change the following advantages:

Advantages: Connection: Justice League of America (High); Leadership

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June, 1938)

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  1. I agree that Aura is a bit high

  2. so does his spirit for that matter... I may look into this

  3. I would Stat him

    Influence: 11
    Aura 9
    Spirit 9

    Because lets face it, he's not a mystic powerhouse.

    1. Agreed 100% on him "not [being] a mystic powerhouse!" (I like that!)

      The thing is, you can reasonably lower his OV/RV's to 3/3 or even 2/2 against MAGIC, based on the loss vulnerabilities, IF you keep his CURRENT (starting) Spirit at 20. (So he doesn't just... DIE straight up.) (Not by the book maybe, but a reasonable interpretation.)

      And I can see the high Spirit, just based on how impossible it would be to INTIMIDATE him, but he doesn't NEED an Aura of 20 when he already has Charisma(Persuasion) at 15, and we KNOW he's NOT as intimidating as Batman (at Charisma 12.) But yeah... He's definitely "fearless" so I can see Spirit 12, at a minimum, just based on that alone. I thought Aura 10, from 2nd edition was fine, given the high Charisma(Persuasion). But 20... I mean, he can intimidate AT WILL at that level. Character interaction at 15/15 and/or 10/20? That's a GAME WRECKER. SMH.

  4. yeah there was a module that put him at INFL 10, AURA 10, SPIRIT 10

    I reqrote him on my site... may still play with him

    As far as fearless.... I'm not sure I'd class him there, he is afraid of some things

    1. That's how I'd want him played: 10-10-10. Aura of 20 can be game-breaking when Character Interaction is used.

  5. Editor, remember the +7 CS to OV/RV from the "Vendetta" relation Superman and Lex Luthor have. I don't know really if Superman's Popularity would apply at all to modify this by -1 CS to OV/RV in interaction attempts (leaving the main difficulty as +6 CS to OV/RV), either way, it won't be easy for Superman (even with Charisma (Persuasion): 15) to convince Lex Luthor about anything! Lex Luthor's OV wouldbe in the 22-24 Column (if Popularity applies) and his RV would be in the 19-21 Column. Superman either spends Hero Points or he is likely to fail.

  6. When talking about advantages, third Edition DC Heroes Superman has Connection: JusticeLeague International (High), it's true that he should have Connection: JLA (high), but he already had the Leadership advantage. The truth is thatifyou see DC Superman's file outsid this game source (more or less,his official current file), Superman in DC Heroes goes a bit too high in quite a good bunch of aspects.

  7. Superman's Aura changed from 10 to 20 after his death and rebirth. I guess it was to impress that because of this his strength of personality increased dramatically after fighting his way back from the dead. This could be handled differently through some new Mystical Advantages, and just keeping his Mystical Attributes at 10 would be fine.

    1. But personality is Influence. Aura is more a measure of Magical Power.
      I never liked it that high

  8. I may not understand Superspeed correctly, but, I believe Superman should have a Superspeed of 24, one less then Barry Allen's Flash's Superspeed of 25, as they have been in neck to neck races with each other, Superman's higher endurance versus the Flash's higher speed, with the Flash usually winning, but still running neck to neck with each other to the end.