Wildcat I

Wildcat I
Dex:   8   Str:   4   Body:    6
Int:   5   Will:  8   Mind:    7
Infl:  5   Aura:  5   Spirit:  8
Initiative: 22  Hero Points:  75

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 8*
Martial Artist: 8*
Thief : 8*

Advantages: Area Knowledge (New York City); Connections: All-Star Squadron (High), Justice Society of America (High), Street (Low); Intensive Training; Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Mistrust (1951-'55 only); Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Ted Grant
Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: Boxer
Wealth: 5

Source: 2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 36; World at War Sourcebook, page 72

Ed's Notes: Yet another case where the two sources are combined. WaW omits his All-Star Squadron Connection, but gives him just 60 Herp Points.  The BG/R nerfs his Skills really weirdly. Like... It includes the *linked flag, but then NONE of them end up actually being linked! Instead of all 8's, he gets 6, 9 & 6 respectively. So, even though his Martial Artist is a point lower, the WaW Skill ratings just make more sense. Otherwise I tried to include the best from either entry.  

Also, since he trained Yolanda Montez, he should probably have: 

Advantages: Infinity Inc. (High)

...as most of the other JSA members do.

First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (January, 1942)

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