Dex:  15   Str:  25   Body:   14
Int:   1   Will:  3   Mind:    9
Infl:  3   Aura:  2   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 33  Hero Points:  85

Directional Hearing: 8
Extended Hearing: 8
Flight: 15
Heat Vision: 15
Invulnerability: 22
Microscopic Vision: 15
Sealed Systems: 11
Super Breath: 12
Super Hearing: 8
Superspeed: 14
Systematic Antidote: 18
Telescopic Vision: 13
Thermal Vision: 13
X-Ray Vision: 13

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance; Serious Physical Restriction: Cannot Speak; Serious Psychological Instability: Easily Confused

Alter Ego: Bizarre Imperfect Duplicate

Motivation: Nihilist / Upholding the Good
Occupation: None
Wealth: 0

Source: 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 75; Superman: The Man of Steel Sourcebook, page 63

foe of: Superman
affiliations: Legion of Doom

Ed's Notes: This version is based on duplicating the 2nd Edition Superman. To update him to the 3rd edition, just change his Superspeed power to 11, and drop his Initiative to 30.  Also, it might make it fun or more interesting to give him "opposite" powers, as are seen in the online DC Legends game. To do this, change his Superbreath Power to Flame Project: 12 and his Heat Vision to Ice Production: 15. Oh, and... many (most, in fact) versions of Bizarro CAN speak.

First Appearance: Superboy #68 (October, 1958)

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  1. This is the Bizarro appearing in "Broken Mirror" story. I would leave this Bizarro with INT 1, he seemed more aware than what that stat would indicate, and also, considering Doomsday's INT 4 I wouldn't say Doomsday is ways far more intelligent than this Bizarro. I would put him INT 3 (he was no genius anyway). Another thing isI gave credit some time ago to the AP values given for travel powers as they give them in the 3rd edition, but after taking a look to some characters in sources outside DC Heroes, it seems Superman and other characters like him have a similar speed for their flight and superspeed powers! And I just think now that it figures.