General Zod

General Zod
Dex:  14   Str:  24   Body:   17
Int:  10   Will: 18   Mind:   14
Infl: 10   Aura:  6   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 46  Hero Points: 180

Directional Hearing: 8
Extended Hearing: 8
Flight: 18
Heat Vision: 15
Invulnerability: 21
Sealed Systems: 11
Super Breath: 12
Super Hearing: 8
Superspeed: 10
Systematic Antidote: 18
Telescopic Vision: 13
Thermal Vision: 13
X-Ray Vision: 13

Charisma: 17
Gadgetry: 9
Military Science: 10
Vehicles: 7
Weaponry: 12

Advantages:  Connections: Kryptonian Military (High), Phantom Zone Prisoners (High); Connoisseur; Genius; Leadership; Lightning Reflexes; Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Fatal (and Loss) Vulnerability: Kryptonite, Range of 2 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Magic, Range of 0 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Lack of yellow Sun Radiation, Range of 0 AP's (Note: All Loss Vulnerabilities affect all Attributes and Powers); 

Alter Ego: Dru-Zod of Kandor

Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: General
Wealth: n/a

Source: Adapted from 1st Edition Superman Sourcebook, page 60

foe of: Superman


This version has been scaled down to place him approximate where he would be relative to the 3rd Edition Superman (and my previously adapted Supergirl, scale in a similar fashion.) Basically all of his stats were either equal to both, between the two or slightly lower than Supergirl's. So relative to the two 3rd Edition characters, this is what I got. This goes for Power and Attributes. His vulnerabilities were matched to the 3rd edition as well. I left the skills where the were - high Charisma will make up for the low Aura - but dropped the Spy Skill, which no longer exists, though I gave him Connoisseur Advantage, and also left the Charisma high, to make up for this. I will eventually adapt the other Kryptonians, and maybe some other 1st edition villains in a similar fashion, but I figured I'd start with the best. (And the one most glaring omission from 2nd and 3rd Edition.) 

Oh, one more thing... The 1st edition didn't include Motivations for the Phantom Zoners. To me, Power Lust is more in fitting with the old school, Terrance Stamp version of the character from Superman II, where as the Michael Shannon version in Man of Steel would be closer to Mercenary (as a kind of villainous mirror-image to Responsibility of Power) but still with hints of Power Lust. The MoS version could probably be said to have a Serious (or Catastrophic) Irrational Attraction to the Re-Establishment of Krypton and it's Empire. But I'd leave that up the GM's.

Question: Should he have the Genius Advantage? In the old comics, he did pull off some pretty amazing feats of science, and he DOES comes from a technologically advanced world. Let me know what you think. I'm on the fence about this.

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