Dex:  15   Str:  25   Body:   18
Int:  11   Will: 20   Mind:   15
Infl: 10   Aura: 10   Spirit: 20
Initiative: 49  Hero Points: 200

Directional Hearing: 8
Extended Hearing: 8
Flight: 18
Heat Vision: 15
Invulnerability: 22
Microscopic Vision: 15
Recall: 20
Sealed Systems: 11
Super Breath: 12
Super Hearing: 8
Superspeed: 11
Systematic Antidote: 18
Telescopic Vision: 13
Thermal Vision: 13
X-Ray Vision: 13


Charisma (Intimidation): 15
Scientist: 10

Advantages:  Connections: Owlman (High), Crime Syndicate (High); Expansive Headquarters (Fortress of Solitude); Lightning Reflexes; Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Loss Vulnerability: Lack of exposure to Kryptonite, Range of 2 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Magic, Range of 0 AP's; Loss Vulnerability: Lack of yellow Sun Radiation, Range of 0 AP's (Note: All Loss Vulnerabilities affect all Attributes and Powers); Serious Rage; Catastrophic Irrational Attraction: Is extremely jealous and is both possessive and protective of Lois Lane (Superwoman.)

Alter Ego: Kal-Il

Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Despot, Super Villain
Wealth: n/a

Belt [Body: 7] Note: The inside of the belt and buckle is laced with Kryptonite, keeping him powered up.  Taking the Belt away from him is a trick shot, with a +2 CS OV Penalty in addition to the normal Take Away Maneuver penalties. (+2 CS OV, +1 CS RV) 

Source: Adapted from Who's Who 3rd Edition

affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate

Ed's Notes: Yeah... admittedly I've still got so much published material to go through that it is WAY premature to be messing around with my own write-ups.  But there is just something about the original Crime Syndicate that intrigues me, so I'm going to do a few of these here and there.  At some point I will plot out an adventure that uses them, and include that here, but that's a WAYS away. He was adapted from the 3rd Edition Superman, based on what I know and what more I've been able to find out about Ultraman. He's easy enough to beat, IF players know about the belt. Barring that, all of Superman's powers disappear in his presence.  (BTW, I made up the part about the Belt. If that's real, then it's pure coincidence. I just figured he needed a place to keep his Kryptonite handy, and wanted to give the heroes a fighting chance, IF they are paying attention.) And some of the other details in the other write-ups are also things that I'm adding, based partly on how I would use the character, but also on how I am interpreting what I've read.

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